Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kimchi as Far as The Eye Can See

Off on the motorcycle this weekend, and couldn't resist sharing these pictures with you. Stopped in Riverdale to visit one of my favorite international markets - the Super H Mart. It has all of my requirements for a great shopping experience: diverse food choices, interesting people, unusual snacks and meals to eat there or to go, and great prices. What more can you ask? We spied this display of kimchi on the way to the fish aisle and I asked Mike to take some pictures. Just in case you aren't up to speed on kimchi - it's a traditional Korean fermented vegetable concoction that brings you down firmly into one of two camps. You either hate it or love it. I fall on the positive side, enjoying it as well as the Korean Barbeque that often accompanies Kimchi. There are 2 Super H Marts in Atlanta, one in Riverdale and one in Duluth. If you have a chance take a cruise through the Super H Mart - you'll be a fan, too!

Signature Spice Skewers

I've had received several emails lately that have asked me just what I put on the delicious chicken skewers served at the John Fox Poetry Reception, StoryCorp Reception and SuperFoods Luncheon at the Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center. The secret is Signature Spice from Modern Day Masala. It's a versatile spice blend from those fun and smart folks over at MDM - you can add it to almost anything and the results are wonderful. Just make a paste with Signature Spice and a little extra virgin olive oil, massage into chicken breast or thigh pieces and toss in the frig for a few hours. When you are ready, remove from the marinade, load onto soaked bamboo skewers and cook on the grill, or in a 400F oven for about 10 minutes. Make a quick dipping sauce with a mixture of sweet chili sauce, (sambal oleck), minced red onion, chopped fresh mango and a little chopped cilantro. That's it - done! Here's a link to the website, so you can purchase Signature Spice yourself: www.ModernDayMasala.com

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fishing for Seafood on Atlanta's Southside

Fayetteville Georgia may not be the first place that pops into your mind when thinking of seafood - but the City Cafe and Bakery located on the main drag into town is worth the drive. My intrepid tasters and  I met there this past week for dinner and some catching up. Here's  a sampling from our table - our flavorful entrees and one really wicked, (but Good!) dessert from the pastry case. Talking with enthusiastic foodie and Executive Chef Mari Dunn was a real treat, she changes the menu seasonally, and is a great font of information about eating on the Southside. If you feel like a jaunt from the city or the airport, here's a delicious destination! Check it out at:http://www.citycafeandbakery.com/

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ice Cream Prescription

This is a prescription to good not to share. I had a tooth out today, (OH! don't get me started about how expensive my mouth is!), and came home with the best prescription ever. Don't you wish you could share my prescription? It was fun to open and it and discover that it is vanilla and chocolate swirl - Yum!

Now, That's a BOTTLE of Wine!

Wow! What a way to make a splash at a party. This bottle was brought to the Meals on Wheels “Friendraiser” I had the pleasure of participating in a couple of weeks ago. I had fun pairing my Roasted Ancho Potato Salad with Ted’s Montana Grill’s Bison Sliders. Which, by the way went great with the Big Wine!

The 2001 Flaccianello della Pieve is a Super Tuscan, made from100% Sangiovese, the same grape used to make Chianti. This wine is highly rated by both Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate – and I know why. It shines with a brilliant dark ruby red color and smells of dark berries, smoke and sweet cherries followed by a ripe dark berry taste with big tannins and a long aftertaste.

And the SIZE! The bottle that holds 20 regular bottles is called a Nebuchadnezzar. Not only is it cool to display and drink wine from a bottle this big, it is generally accepted that wine will age longer, more gracefully and uniformly in a large bottle. And what fun to have your picture taken with such a big bottle, you see that NestlĂ©’s Executive Chef, Ron Coneybeer is enjoying a glass with the collector who generously donated the bottle for the party.

Folks that Care for Kids are Good Cooks, too!

Saturday night found me teaching an Iron Chef Class to a group from the Childrens Hospital of Macon. Driving up from south of Atlanta, they were ready for a culinary challenge. Dividing up into 3 teams, they worked together to produce beautiful risotto dishes that were enjoyed by all! Take a look at these glamorous plates! The winner used lemon juice and zest to make the risotto pop. And, they did a great job with creativity - placing the risotto in wine glasses for the judges.